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Path to Page: Writing to Create Meaning and (Possibly) Sanity in a Surreal Time

Dates: [Tuesdays] November 17, November 24 and December 1

Time: 5:30-6:30pm via Zoom

Supplies: A journal and a functioning pen

Cost: Are you kidding, this year has been hard enough as is – just show up

It’s time to step out. Out of the news cycle. Out of both the healthy – as well as the desperate – home routines created to survive this year. Out of the scrolling, commenting, raging. Out of trying to make sense and to predict. It’s time to step out of our fears, speculations, doomsday-ing, clinging to the cliff’s edge, and pessimism. Time to step out of fight or flight as the only available options every minute of every day. Step out and instead step into the power of your own personal story.

In this workshop series we will first take a few deep breaths (remember breathing? remember deep breathing?) and then dive into a series of writing prompts designed to help you gain insight into what questions, understandings, desires, and actions reside beneath the frenetic unknowns of this wild and unpredictable year. By writing our own stories we do more than manage our stress, we put our stress in perspective and begin to weave new and more constructive narratives for ourselves. My sincerest hope is you will take what you uncover and carry it with a renewed resolve and spark into the delicious darkness of winter and the possibilities offered by the new year.

In Why Bother: Discover the Desire for What’s Next, Jennifer Louden writes, “Settling down is an act of soul resistance, and your life depends on it.”  Join me. Step out. Settle down. Be a part of the resistance.


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